Team Building Activities

Team building activities are stimulating problem-solving tasks designed to help group members develop their capacity to work effectively together, allowing participants to play on each other's strengths and help encourage one another. It is all about getting everybody to experience the real definition of teamwork.

The individuals will take part in small and large group activities, discover how to build relationships, stimulate their creative thinking, and reduce stress. These exercises will enhance morale, advance communication, and will allow individuals to share experiences and ideas amongst each other, all in a fun, competitive and cooperative atmosphere.

We introduce team building skills in creative and unconventional ways through challenge courses, hiking trips, sports and gaming events such as "Treasure Hunt" and "Amazing Race". Beside the fact that we offer traditional team building activities, should you prefer.

Challenge Course

The Challenge Course is a series of activities, sometimes on or close to the ground (usually referred to as a low course) and sometimes built on utility poles or trees, or in the rafters of a building (a high course), that challenge participants to come together and work as a team to develop and implement solutions.

Each element emphasizes different group characteristics such as self-confidence, communication, cooperation, trust, and leadership. Although each element has its own perceived physical and mental challenge, anyone willing to participate can do so through the cooperative efforts of the group. As teams work through the elements of the Challenge Course, they learn about themselves and their relationships to others, and develop leadership and problem solving skills. A highly trained and certified course facilitator guides each group through the course, providing opportunities for participants to discuss and reflect on their experiences.

Team Building Hiking

Our team building hiking program is based upon being involved in an adventurous and fun hiking trip, while learning about grouping, leadership, teamwork and individual commitment to overcome trail obstacles. The program works through goal oriented roles that increase leadership, self-esteem, decision making, problem solving, cooperation among participants, endurance and physical fitness, and orients the participant with nature, creating a positive balance with self and the natural environment.

This kind of team building can be very beneficial to corporations, schools, sport clubs, companies and institutes.

Team Building Sports and Gaming Events

We offer a wide range of full day activities of team excursions which includes:

  • Pool/Water Games and Aqua-aerobics: water ball, rope pull, swimming games and competitions, water tele-match.
  • Team Sports: Spend your day playing a selection of football, beach volleyball, tennis.
  • Biking: Whether beginners or advanced riders, join our cycling tours in the Dead Sea, where you can enjoy the outstanding scenery of the area.
  • Outdoor Climbing: For those wanting a little bit more adventure, you will get an exhilarating adrenaline rush while climbing the mountains and rifts of the Jordan Valley.
  • Treasure Hunt and Amazing Race (cars needed): You have to find the clues to your next destination while enjoying the fun ride and beautiful nature of Jordan.

Such sports builds positive communication skills, team work, leadership, and decision making. The events mentioned above can be organized separately as a one day event or combined on multiple days, according to your preference.

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